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Darkland - Issue 1 Cover

The end of the world has come and gone. They're what's left.

Nothing is as it seems in the remains of 24th century America. Monsters hide in the shadows of deep canyons, thick forests, and destroyed buildings. Amongst them, an orphan girl must choose between loneliness or survival, a lone soldier fights for a dead war, and an ex-mercenary tries to buy her freedom no matter the cost. Darkland weaves elements of post-apocalyptic epics, like Mad Max and Fallout, into one incredible journey.


Issue #1

Release Date: Dec '22

Diamond SKU: SEP221965

Lunar SKU: 0922SC397

Darkland - Issue #2

Issue #2

Release Date: Jan '23

Diamond SKU: NOV221794

Lunar SKU: 1122SC280

Darkland - Issue #3

Issue #3

Release Date: Feb '23

Diamond SKU: DEC221630

Lunar SKU: 1222SC333


Issue #4

Release Date: Mar '23

Diamond SKU: JAN231803

Lunar SKU: 0123SC285

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